• W, S - Drive
  • A, D - Turning
  • Q, E - Left & right driving
  • C, B - Rotate turret
  • V - Shoot


  • I, K - Drive
  • J, L - Turning
  • U, O - Left & right driving
  • . , Right Shift - Rotate turret
  • / - Shoot


Hexamaton is an online free to play game, in which the player can construct their own unique robot designs. These designs are attributed to a hexadecimal code in which the player can copy this code to either save the design for future purpose, or share with friends.

Developed over a period of around ten months, both on and off, by Warrenaterz and Xor, the key goal for Hexamaton, was to allow the player to have lots of different customisation choices in their own designs. However, whilst the intention was to have a lot of customisation choice, the differences in gameplay mechanics between the various parts was also a serious consideration. In hindsight, this ultimately attempts to provide a unique gameplay experience that entirely depends upon the specific robot design you create.


Due to the early access nature of Hexamaton, we cannot guarantee that your experience in playing the game will be error-free or uninterrupted. As a result, while every effort has been made to improve the stability of the game, your use of the Hexamaton website and it's content shall be at your own risk.

We make no warranties over the accuracy and completeness of the site's content. Therefore, we have no responsibility or liability in any errors or inaccuracies of the provided material, and damages or personal injury of any nature whatsoever, resulting from accessing the Hexamaton website and use of its content.